Fae By McKay


Figurative and Fantasy Sculpture, Jewelry, and Artwork
by McKay Miller

OK, a little about me...I'll try to keep it short and sweet to avoid inducing any boredom :)I live in a shore town in New Jersey with my husband and two daughters. I have been in a constant state of "creating stuff" from a very young age, and attended both F.I.T (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City, and West Chester University in Pennsylvania, where I was an art major. I always enjoyed drawing, painting, and sculpture, but really lost touch with my creative side for a while after becoming a mom. However, one day about 15 years ago, I bought some polymer clay and began what can only be described as a wonderful and exciting new journey. I found that sculpting at night after my girls were asleep really helped me to relax and unwind after a long day, and I looked forward to my sculpting time every night. I began sculpting One of A Kind (OOAK) faeries, mermaids, and fantasy-type creatures and animals, and after I gained a little more confidence in my work, I began selling them, primarily on eBay. Currently, I am also selling on Etsy, which is an awesome non-auction (i.e. fixed price) site for artists and crafters. Recently, I was named one of the World of Froud's Artists of the Month, and my work was also featured in Doll Reader magazine, which is a true accomplishment for me. I take pride in the fact that NO MOLDS are ever used in my work; no two are ever alike, and I find that as I sculpt, the clay kind of "takes over" and I never know what the end result will be. Each sculpture's personality emerges as I paint their eyes, features, etc; add their hair, and dress and accessorize them...and each one is definitely unique. In addition, more recently I have been creating a lot of artwork on my iPad using an amazing app called Sketch Club, and although I am still learning, I find the whole process very creative and satisfying.
I must say that I am TRULY thankful for the wonderful e-mails I have received about my work, and especially grateful to my collectors who keep me inspired and motivated. And I thank YOU as well, humble website-viewer, for checking out my site. So that's about it for now; I hope you are still with me and are maybe even considering checking out my work. Thanks so much!................McKay

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